Tuesday, January 18, 2011



ehem ehem..
this is very hard for me to write this kind of post. its just happen because i really need to write about him. so the title would be very simple. He.

he is a newcomer in my life. yet now i feel that my life half completed with his presence. it will be fully completed when we get married though. huhu
this is very strange. i know him in a very short time. and now i am really fall in love with him.

he came in life when i really really need a company for myself. he came at the right time.
since my last time having a boyfriend, i was living in empty. i studied, i go back home and go here and there without having the destination.

now i have him. and i am very certain that he will be the one. the one who could be my soulmate. he is just like a yin and yang, the white side. whereas i am the black side. he completed me.

he says that he likes to see me, see my face, see everything that i do. he admires me so much. so do i. he is so funny. he makes me laugh. he makes me feel happy all the times.
eventhough, he is just not exactly like what i want my bf to have. but i love him.
he doesn't have spike hair. he can't speak english fluently. he may not have a straight teeth which i admire so much.

yeah. he may not possess all kinds of character that i wanted the most.

but i know, i will not get all things perfectly.

so does he. he says, he wont get a fair lady. because i am sweet black. haha.

but darling, i take u the way you are. and i know you take me the way i am. i am really love you, my sweetheart. finally i found my man. you are my man.

promise me that you will always be there for me.

thank you for your love.

i love you, sayang.