Saturday, February 5, 2011

It's Raining (Again..)

i love it when it's raining at late afternoon like this..
it's time for me to get sips of hot tea, or perhaps when i was young, it's Maggi time!

Teringat zaman dulu-dulu..
i am old now..those were the memories..

when it is raining, the mood is like gloomy.. sad.. always feel like thinking about those ups and downs in the past.

mostly the downs part. why is it happen for god sake?

Now i feel like wants to be cared like a little girl.. i want my mother badly.. Ibu, I miss you..
Ayah, u r always in my mind..

family, u all are my number 1 in my life..

and syg, u r deep down in my heart.


Thursday, February 3, 2011

The Beautiful Memory


it's a bed time stories! ;p it's 1.42am to be exact. and i am here lying in front of my lappy to tell you about the sweet memory that had happened for a few months before.

i was a gurl who never think about going for adventures activity in my life. "menjaga tatasusila" katenyer. hehe! but those
adventures activities are my dream for so there was a guy, whom we called "encik" asking whether we are interested joining him climb a mountain.

wohoa! what a great invitation i thought! so.."YES, i want!" was my answer.

at the very morning, we met at a restaurant at Taman
Melawati,KL..having breakfast with him =)

and then we were heading to Bukit Tabur,
Taman Melawati...BEST! very excited.

Park The Car n Start Walking

The Team (all are my buddies)

The Instructor (Encik,29 and Abg Yo, age unknown)

That is Me! See The Lake? Subhanallah..Amazing..i'm At The Top Of The World!

The Excitement When We Reached The Top of The Mountain

Get Rest And Enjoying The Very Big Picture Of The World


Another Super Duper FaNtastic View From the Top of The Mountain

i'Ts Photogewdix Time!

The Most Adventures Part

The Hikers

Macam Kat Korea Kan? ekeke

Heart Of Mine =) TQ Encik ku syg!

hehe..and now can you see people, how happy i am when i got that chance to CLIMB A MOUNTAIN..
very beautiful memory though..
proud of seeing that mountain everyday i go to bf and i called it "Bukit Cinta" haha!

that's all for now buddies...

Gud Nyte!