Saturday, April 24, 2010

No Secret

"Apakah mereka mengira, bahawa Kami tidak mendengar rahsia dan bisikan-bisikan mereka?

Sebenarnya (Kami mendengar),

dan utusan-utusan (malaikat-malaikat) Kami selalu mencatat di sisi mereka"

Az-Zukhruf (80)

watch out watever things we are doing!

He sees us.

Together we remind ourselves

Allahumma Ameen =)

Friday, April 23, 2010

Bersabarlah Wahai Diri

"Dan balasan suatu kejahatan adalah kejahatan yang serupa,

maka barangsiapa memaafkan dan berbuat baik (berbuat baik kpd orang yg berbuat jahat

padanya) maka pahalanya atas (tanggungan) Allah. Sesungguhnya Dia tidak menyukai

orang-orang yang zalim"

Asy-Syura (40)

You may read this surah whenever you feel miserable or threaten.

Remember, Allah is always be with you.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Long Time No See


today i meet a friend of mine, Hairi. its been about 5 months i didn't see him since he was doing practical training in KL.

we went to jonker walk kopitiam, in front of my college. having chit chat about this and that. suddenly he says,
"asal ko da gemok ha?"

argh!! damn..i hate it! i ignored his question. then after having meals, we walk together to UiTM. i walked beside him.

he says "asal aku rasa ko pendek ha?" i said. it was because i'm wearing flat sandal.

he says " aku rasa ko dah bolat la"

urgh.........once again!

yeah.. i hate it like this. it distracting my mind!

myra, common! it's a challenge to u! kuruskan badan!!
after this examination, i will treat u 2 new dress and perhaps a wedges - takla pendek lagi!! hehehehe

aja aja fighting!!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010


hola dear frens!

i would like 2 share sumtin with u about antz. i captured a few pics of antz at my mom's garden last weekend. yeah the study leave shud b spent for study supposedly. Tapi takpe, still wanna learn 2 use my baby nikon.

why i like antz?
because they are small..and tiny..n cute..and hard to see unless they walk together with their "rombongan cik kiah"..hehe..

when i was a kid, my english teacher (forgot his name) said that the antz are blind. they cant see their path and that is why they are walking by group in one line.. because they walk by sniffing their friends.

i did try to wipe the floor (cutting their path) and they got messed up! hehe..seronok!
Try la!
Can u see it?

Searching for food i think!

she's alone today

Yeah we r besh frens!

i have a date! wait for me babeh~

there u go! dating~

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

To my dearest Aja Archuleta

yeah i accepted ur apology dear..i know i'm fat..dont lie to me bcoz everybody also say the same thing. u know what, i'm hepy like this.

fat is cute. and chubby plus chumell..
i dont like it when we r not talking to each other. i felt lonely. and isolated. i dont like it when i cant give u my radiant smile..

yeah..we r now FRIENDS!!!



today is a very tiring day! everyday is also the same..what is so special about 14th April? it is my late father's birthday. he shares the same birth date with may late best friend. Both of them are already gone. They left me so fast.

Talking about my late best friend,she was a hepy-go-lucky gal, died during the LIMA rehearsal in Langkawi a few years ago. It is about death. Very certain thing that will happen to us at any time.

I watched "Tanyalah Ustaz" a TV program at channel 9, the Ustaz said that we have to pray for a good ending of life.

I had an experience going through the "death". It was a few years ago when i undergo surgery. After the surgery, i woke up with a very painful neck. well, the surgery was to remove the thyroid. Seems like somebody was putting the knife at my neck. and i was dying.

The sad thing was, i dont even remember Allah at that time. I only say "sakit..sakit..sakit...". Dont even remember to "mengucap". Luckily, there was an aunty, whispering to me "mengucap nak....." That aunty was an indian, non-muslim. She was the cleaner at the hospital. She saw me crying with nobody beside me. I was really indebted to her though. So the thing that i wanna say here is,
let us pray for a good ending of life. may Allah always be in our mind, in our heart.

Al-Fatihah to both of my father and my best friend.


Tuesday, April 13, 2010


thanks to You, my Lord. I did my presentation successfully. Thanks to Norhazlina Hamdan for the beautiful kebaya. I owe u dear!! hehe..

She solves the problem regarding the outfit. Well3, he (my lecturer) is very particular about dressing. So, here it is!

I only spent about 2hours that night before presentation. Its really a gud experience though. Learned many things especially about my heritage. Well ofkos learned so much about presentation; numbering, format, resources etc. I got 30.4 over 40 for this 2nd presentation. But, hey! he forgot my conclusion mark! should get about 3 to 4 more marks sir!

Thanks to all especially Mariah Syed Putra for helping me converting the video, songs etc..TQ2.. to Mumu, thanks for ur extra CD. Nanti i bayar ye! kui3..

and..x lupe juge, Mr. Azim the English teacher for touching up my sentences. C ya all soon!!

The Heels


Lina and me

Saturday, April 10, 2010

new phase of life

This is my latest pic!
GEMOK okay!!! i'm already in 5th semester and yes the final is just around the corner! yihaaa~ i like it when i dont even have time to "belek" my face! urgh..messy la..
now i'm ready for BEL presentation! my public speaking..err i chose Mandailing..You know what does that means?
very sure la u dont know punyer!
it's okay..i'll uploaded later2 on okay..
c ya my fwens!

sory btw, da lame x update blog! busy lah...TATA!