Thursday, April 22, 2010

Long Time No See


today i meet a friend of mine, Hairi. its been about 5 months i didn't see him since he was doing practical training in KL.

we went to jonker walk kopitiam, in front of my college. having chit chat about this and that. suddenly he says,
"asal ko da gemok ha?"

argh!! damn..i hate it! i ignored his question. then after having meals, we walk together to UiTM. i walked beside him.

he says "asal aku rasa ko pendek ha?" i said. it was because i'm wearing flat sandal.

he says " aku rasa ko dah bolat la"

urgh.........once again!

yeah.. i hate it like this. it distracting my mind!

myra, common! it's a challenge to u! kuruskan badan!!
after this examination, i will treat u 2 new dress and perhaps a wedges - takla pendek lagi!! hehehehe

aja aja fighting!!


  1. je x nak jwb soklan org tuh..hahaha

  2. hhaahhhahhaa~

    lawak la kaka! perasan jugak lompang2 di cerita ittew! hehehhee