Tuesday, April 20, 2010


hola dear frens!

i would like 2 share sumtin with u about antz. i captured a few pics of antz at my mom's garden last weekend. yeah the study leave shud b spent for study supposedly. Tapi takpe, still wanna learn 2 use my baby nikon.

why i like antz?
because they are small..and tiny..n cute..and hard to see unless they walk together with their "rombongan cik kiah"..hehe..

when i was a kid, my english teacher (forgot his name) said that the antz are blind. they cant see their path and that is why they are walking by group in one line.. because they walk by sniffing their friends.

i did try to wipe the floor (cutting their path) and they got messed up! hehe..seronok!
Try la!
Can u see it?

Searching for food i think!

she's alone today

Yeah we r besh frens!

i have a date! wait for me babeh~

there u go! dating~

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