Tuesday, April 13, 2010


thanks to You, my Lord. I did my presentation successfully. Thanks to Norhazlina Hamdan for the beautiful kebaya. I owe u dear!! hehe..

She solves the problem regarding the outfit. Well3, he (my lecturer) is very particular about dressing. So, here it is!

I only spent about 2hours that night before presentation. Its really a gud experience though. Learned many things especially about my heritage. Well ofkos learned so much about presentation; numbering, format, resources etc. I got 30.4 over 40 for this 2nd presentation. But, hey! he forgot my conclusion mark! should get about 3 to 4 more marks sir!

Thanks to all especially Mariah Syed Putra for helping me converting the video, songs etc..TQ2.. to Mumu, thanks for ur extra CD. Nanti i bayar ye! kui3..

and..x lupe juge, Mr. Azim the English teacher for touching up my sentences. C ya all soon!!

The Heels


Lina and me

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