Wednesday, April 14, 2010



today is a very tiring day! everyday is also the same..what is so special about 14th April? it is my late father's birthday. he shares the same birth date with may late best friend. Both of them are already gone. They left me so fast.

Talking about my late best friend,she was a hepy-go-lucky gal, died during the LIMA rehearsal in Langkawi a few years ago. It is about death. Very certain thing that will happen to us at any time.

I watched "Tanyalah Ustaz" a TV program at channel 9, the Ustaz said that we have to pray for a good ending of life.

I had an experience going through the "death". It was a few years ago when i undergo surgery. After the surgery, i woke up with a very painful neck. well, the surgery was to remove the thyroid. Seems like somebody was putting the knife at my neck. and i was dying.

The sad thing was, i dont even remember Allah at that time. I only say "sakit..sakit..sakit...". Dont even remember to "mengucap". Luckily, there was an aunty, whispering to me "mengucap nak....." That aunty was an indian, non-muslim. She was the cleaner at the hospital. She saw me crying with nobody beside me. I was really indebted to her though. So the thing that i wanna say here is,
let us pray for a good ending of life. may Allah always be in our mind, in our heart.

Al-Fatihah to both of my father and my best friend.


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