Wednesday, November 28, 2012



Story telling about beach again..hehe pantai sokmo..mentang2 stay kat kuantan skrg this time my hubby brought us to TC..Teluk Cempedak..

I heard about this place since matriculation time. it was my roommate, always tell us that she and her friends us to lepaking at the beach. and there got fast food restaurant which rarely can be seen near the beach.

I love the scenery sooo much!! Rindu melaka..i love beaches!

 AmiraHazriQhalish ;-)

Just for photo! tunggu Qhalish besar dulu ye..baru bole beli..hihi



so calm.....

argh..heavy wind blowing me!!

Qhalish with his beautiful Ibu HAHA

Friday, November 23, 2012

25, New Year, New Life, Alhamdulillah

Praised to Allah Almighty at this age I am still alive, sane, healthy and having everything that I want.
I am blessed with a great husband, a cute lil hunk, and a happy family..accept that i'm still didn't get a good job ;p (jgn x bersyukur myra!! akan ade rezeki nanti inshaAllah.....)

As we stay in Kuantan at the moment, my husband, baby and I didn't want to miss the opportunity to celebrate my birthday at the beach, and go for ikan bakar!

TQ hubby..he brought us to the beach after working. As my birthday falls on Maal Hijrah, that should be a public holiday, the beach was full with people. Unfortunately, we have to work on that day. After going back from office, we fetch Qhalish at the babysitter's house and went to the Black Stone Beach, Beserah. It was the first time I saw the beach that is full with the black stone. Pelik tapi cantik! 

After that we went for dinner at the famous Ani Ikan Bakar Petai restaurant. And he brought me a piece of secret recipe cake with 25 written on with. HAHA comelll je.. 

with my angry bird ;-) 

black sand

 from my husband with love HAHA

my two hunks! 

hew hew hew..I'm 25!!

the famous ikan bakar petai

Sepotong je kan..Alhamdulillah..ade jugak cake kan..TQ baby..

Syukur...Happy Birthday to me and Happy New Year ;)