Sunday, August 22, 2010

"Extra Time" wanted!!

Salam Ramadhan to all you my dear friends!

Ramadhan comes again! it is the most precious month I've ever waited since it disappear last year.

When I was small, my mother would give "upah" of RM1 for every day I fast. Cool is it?

It was a huge amount back then! Kaye.... And the most special moment was bazaar time! It was always the yummy "ayam percik", "air tebu", "murtabak"....wah!!!

Another best moment was "mercun n bunga api" time! Not the teraweh (kids u noe.... ;p) That was what we "kampong kids" did!

no band on bunga api and even we got the meriam buluh!


Miss that time sooo much! That priceless memory would never ever come again..
Being an adult means the lesser play time is it? just take a look on my list :

5.00am reheat the meals, sahur, Subuh pray, reading quran
6.30am homework time
8.00am class
5.00pm cooking for break fast
7.15pm bath time (if and only if sumone who is kindheartedly want to look after the food atas dapur)
7.30pm Breaking fast
8.00pm Maghrib pray
8.30pm teraweh at the mosque
9.30pm facebooking (limitation : not more than 1 hour, see all the asigment also, not much attention on fb)
10.00pm homework time (again...)
1.00am pillow time!!

then bach to 5.00am again..everyday..

see?!! no time for "berjimba" at all!
no time for boyfie also! (if n only if i got one :P) kikiki...

anyway, cant wait for hari raya!! see ya all soon with raya theme!

Friday, August 20, 2010

Little Annoyance

i have this particular person to be the most annoying person i have ever met in my life.

Much to my annoyance, the person awarding herself to be the winner at all times.

It is irritating somehow, how the behavior or the stupidest habit can stain a heart.

What's left if people are enjoying or really care for her only for the sake of "jaga hati"?

The rest comes the hatred and annoyance to be heard or respond?

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Alam Setikar

Mr. ANT!! dunno y..but i just love to watch ants!!


BUNGA CINA (my neighbour punye!)

BUNGA RUMPUT (very tiny one!)





photography teaches me how beautiful the tiny things on the ground that we always ignore and sumtimes step on them!!

actually we have to be grateful for this unique creature from Allah Almighty!


those pictures are captured by me
the beginner photographer

dpt release tension tau snap2 gambar!!