Friday, August 20, 2010

Little Annoyance

i have this particular person to be the most annoying person i have ever met in my life.

Much to my annoyance, the person awarding herself to be the winner at all times.

It is irritating somehow, how the behavior or the stupidest habit can stain a heart.

What's left if people are enjoying or really care for her only for the sake of "jaga hati"?

The rest comes the hatred and annoyance to be heard or respond?


  1. there r so many person like that is this world...just deal with it..;)

  2. that's what i did dear..

    be silent, talk about it to ppl...but sumhow, that person coz us to commit sin is it?

    boils us and never think of it..

    u know what, my "sembelit" is rather better than that annoying person.

  3. hahahahahaha...ur sembelit is getting famous..kakakaka...

  4. hahahhahahahha!!

    its true story maa...hahahahha

    so u bayangkan lah kan cemane rs sembelit tu lebih better dr annoying tu hahahhaa

    taleh benti gelak lah