Friday, July 17, 2009

FAR 400

today is saturday..
but she makes extra tiring..doesn't haf enough sleep bcoz of her homework!
i've heard all bad news about this very killer subject - FAR400
everybody is afraid to taking this subject.
she - my far400 lecturer Dr. Loo Enn Chern is very...erm funny but come into far400 matter she became strict.
she said last week that my face like "mcm nk makan oghang!"
thats bcoz i dont understand a thing!
but she's actually wanna us be independent n she refuses to spoon-feed us.
whatever it is, passing FAR400 paper is essential 4 me bcoz 1 day i'll become an accountant.
love it or hate it that is what i've chose.

semoga dpt 4 flat..utk semua ex dais.


  1. dr..loo pernah cakp kat saya 'u r dying n i will see u next semester ' failed every quized n tested OMG..

  2. huhuhu...i noe u can do it! its just HER that making up the tales that we cant go through the paper..we r malays..n yet we r powerfull!!