Sunday, June 13, 2010

Ku Menangis

Tak pernah lagi aku alami kejatuhan pointer macam sem ni.
Rasa tertekan dia hanya Allah yang maha Esa je yang tahu.
menangis dan terus menangis. Tapi tak guna sebab tak boleh betulkan keadaan.
Cuma sesalan yang teramat sangat terpahat kat jiwa ni!

Aku akan ubah segalanya.
Untuk jadi lebih baik.

Doakan kejayaan ku..


  1. if crying can make ur heart feels better...just let it out kaka...bear in mind...human not always get what they want and sumtimes we might have to feel kinda loser but then it will bring our life much brighter in future...;) (",)

  2. thanks kaka...

    maybe thats the only way to feel relief..
    sebab sakit nak tanggung the sadness..

    yeah, kinda loser..

    BIG LOSER...

  3. me felt the same way too but i dun wanna mess up my mind rite now....i just keep saying to myself dat i can do better in future n serve me hurts but then dats the way to make me realize...;)..
    keep smilin kaka..(",)

  4. cant smile la darl...

    deeply in pain u know...

    no forgiveness for this mistake :((

  5. ya..i know it is deeply pain inside but u cant turn back times unless u quit n start back from da's just a silly mistake u know(sory to say dis) but it is not the end of ur day rite??be more grateful n then u'll feel much relief....u hv to feel such a grateful coz what if u had fail??can u imagine dat to be??so damn stress n scary rite...??

  6. yeah dear..

    i guess it's a time to start a new chapter in my life ;)

    i do hope that we'll be better every sem..

    i noe, we can do it!!

    bob the builder..can u fix it?!

    yes i can!!

  7. hahahahaha....hope so....we'll fix it from now on....chaiyok!!!

  8. yes, u can.. chaiyok!! don't give up.. dapatkan dean pasni ^^

  9. TQSM my dear Dr. BAyani ;) luvs ya ALL...