Friday, October 14, 2011

Melaka di Hati Ku

Melaka. It has been almost 5 years I studied here from the very innocent young girl until now. A matured woman. It is a little bit awkward when I am referring myself as a woman. The fact is that I am going to be a Puan very soon, InshaAllah! Owh that will be so weird if people started calling me Puan Myra. Can't imagine! haha

This entry is about me having a date my fiance. Sunday. Always a rushing for both of us since i was started continuing this final semester. He came near 4pm at my flat and he insisted to have lunch together. I was really hungry to death. Only for the sake of Mak's cooking (I started calling his mother as Mak since 2 weeks ago :p), I wait. We went to Klebang, one of the most popular beach in Melaka. It was surprised to see the beach. It is getting far and far away from the original roadside. And I was very excited when he says that he brought a mat so that we can have a picnic. Yeay! And the best part of it was the Coconut Shake! You can be addicted to it once u try. Believe me!

my loyal driver

A perfect husband to be, InshaAllah :)

with Mak's cooking

my always favorite, yummy!

the most favorite. not the food, but it is Him :)

at The Beach

Mr. Fiance

want Coconut shake? got to que if u want to tapau!

Syg's tired face of waiting

there u go!

my heart melted everytime I hear Coconut Shake


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  1. kat mana dah tempat nih..aituh nak pegi...x pegi2 gak..haha

  2. tempat ni kat pantai Klebang..dalam 15 minit je dari bandar melaka..boleh pegi dari bandar tu ikut signboard KLEBANG hehe

  3. en sname..kalau g pantai klebang, melaka jgn lupo singgah..mmg terbaik..tepi jln je..nmpk gerai org tgh beratur pnjang, kereta bersusun tepi jln, kt situ la gerainya..