Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Final Preparation


hye peeps..its now time for the final preparation for the big day! subhanallah banyaknye koje nak dibuat..but Alhamdulillah things so far went smoothly as planned. Time like this requires me to pray and pray a lot hoping for His blessing and help. Yet, flood of tears drains out everyday. It's not because i'm not happy, but it is just a strange feelings that very hard to describe. Maybe, when you come into this particular sad to leave bachelor life-happy to get married feelings, then you will know yourself. It's a memorable feelings in your life though.

Dear all my besties and readers of this blog, do pray for my big day, okay. I really hope that Allah's blessing is come along with all the things for this upcoming barakah ceremony, InshaAllah. ameen~

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