Tuesday, December 28, 2010

quick recipe from quick chat

hehe! holla frens..
i wanna update my not so latest recipe here which i dont have exact name for it.
perhaps i wud call it "cendawan sotong" urgh..perhaps...squid mushroom?

ok, please have ur attention Nina Hamdan c
oz this post is especially for you dear. remember our conversation at yong tau foo restaurant?


paralimpiad memory..and indeed..meaningful moment in my life :P

you know what i mean probably..heheh

so..this is the

does it look tasty?
nah...the ingredients :

1) Broccoli
2) Dried Mushroom
3) Squid
4) Slices of chicken
5) Oyster sauce (2 tea spoon)
6) Chilly sauce (2 tea spoon)
7) Corn flour (1/2 tea spoon)
8) Salt
9) Red & White onion (tumis dulu)

okay...mix them up..and u will get the best ever vege! hehhehehe

so Nina Hamdan, satisfied? try it a.s.ap n lemme know the result okay!


  1. wow!!it looks yummy!!!tq kaka...n u r rite kaka...i know why was that paralimpiad be the best moment in ur life...i would never forget my paralimpiad memories tooo...:)

  2. heheheh!!! dah try ke yang?? yeah..the best memory in my life! hehehee meaningfull moments!