Tuesday, December 28, 2010

something is always something n never be nothing

err..whats with the title?
no idea..haha! now actually i'm in this very meeting room in my client's office.
client's office? urh..sounds corporate or whatever..

its my internship time. the second time actually. at the same place.
hurm..this time quit tougher and..what can i say..its a challenging but worth my time.

i'm doing auditing at the moment. which i can change to any other department like taxation, accounting, company secretary or perhaps syariah business advisory.

urgh..sounds boring isn't it?

thats my life. achieving ur ambition especially when the ambition was listed in the biodata is the memorable experience in ur life.

to be an accountant was one of my ambition. heck, i had no idea what on earth an accountant does?yeah. thats funny. i bet. ur ambition when u were small must be a doctor, accountant, lawyer, engineer..

what a boring life wud that be?

huh...ape aku merepek ni...haha
this is the post when i'm doing nothing which shud have to be something.

see ya peeps!!

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