Saturday, October 22, 2011

Hobin Jang Hobin

This in my first time watching football live at the stadium. hehe can you see the excitement? my fiance was so eager to watch this match as he hoped that his team will be going to the next stage. Final! was worth it! Btw, i support N9 team, his NOGORI! obviously because Perak is going down..hoho the tickets were sponsored btw hehe gud luck N9 for final! (i'm not test, huh!)

On our way

Lapik perut

Syg put on the head band on me :)

the free ticket hehe

yeah~ thats the crowd

kemain kan! :p

muka puas haha


  1. perak kalah..n9 pun jadi la..hehehe

  2. haha! tula pasal~ terpaksa la sokong tunang punya negeri..