Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Rendang & 3 Layer Syrup

Salam Ramadhan!!

Hehe..really miss updating blog! Alhamdulillah still got the chance to meet this Holy month Ramadhan..
Now a little different..with new life as a wife..
And for the little inside, at this moment he/she is in 39weeks..that means another 1 week to go before deliver!

Yesterday my husband request Chicken Rendang. Hoho..i never cooked rendang before this and this is why i really excited to show You my talent ;p

There u go..

 mix the chicken with onion, chilli, garlic, lemon grass

 add coconut milk n kerisik

put some daun kunyit n lime leave

aik?? me or my husband cooking?? hehe no lah..he's only the always good helper in the kitchen ;)


hehhee...looking good? my mum says...sodappp!! hehehe

and for my husband turn, i requested 3 layer syrup! hehe Tenkiu baby, it's very tasty! 

 the 1st layer is gula melaka, the 2nd one put some Carnation evaporated milk

lastly, add up the syrup....Can u see the 3 layers?

we added up some cincau..taraaa...

juadah semalam..Alhamdulillah...oh abaikan meja yg bersepah itu ;p

~Happy fasting~

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