Wednesday, September 26, 2012

I'm a mother


Hi all..i am now a mother to a newborn Qhalish Umair Bin Mohd Hazriq ;) Alhamdulillah..after waiting 7 over due days, and gone trough all the pain, I'm still got the chance to live in this world. The pain? only Allah knows..only the one who become a mother would know. Unbearable. Subhanallah..and until now I still wonder how can women out there going through that moment with 5, 6 kids..oh..oh..if I try to remember the pain, until now, it can make me cry. Deeply in pain.

14th august 2012, 5.13pm
Hospital Tuanku Ampuan Najihah, N9

Day 3 of my beautiful baby

My husband really is a good husband and father. Indeed. He promised to accompany me during the deliver process, which i am not very certain whether i can believe him or not. Since not all husband can see the deliver process, i should have proud bcoz my husband did something that i really appreciate. when i lost of energy, and i think it should be better to surrender and do cesarean, he just like a coach. He gave me strength and energy to push! i still can remember how he yell "syg, dah nampak kepala baby!!!..teran100x!!...go..go..go!!"

haha I think all the Doctors and nurse were surprise. 1st time jumpa husband macam ni...orang sukan la katakan...

see, a happy face of a newly become father ;)

when the 1st time we arrived at the hospital, the staff told us that room are all full. Musim subur agaknye..huhu so what we need to do is just wait and take whatever bed/class provided. and i only got the 3rd class room. It was not a big problem to me bcoz no matter what "class" the room is, i just want to deliver the baby safely.

with MIL a few hours before deliver

I really appreciate this beautiful lady, my MIL bcoz she did everything she can to serve me best during that time. She came to visit every day, cooked good food, stay up at night when i got fever...thank Mak! I love you..we love you..

I can't believe that, now I am a MOTHER ;)

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